Fecha: 12/8/2015

Un aficionado gana a lo grande y se lleva $5,000 en la edición 2015 del concurso anual de renovación de habitación FrogTape® Earn Your Stripes®

AVON, OHIO (12 de agosto de 2015) – The votes have been tallied and FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is pleased to announce the winners of its fifth annual Earn Your Stripes® room makeover contest. The newest Earn Your Stripes® contest Hall of Fame inductees are Grand Prize Winner Colette Montague from Swedesboro, NJ, winning $5,000; coming in second place with a $2,500 prize is Elizabeth Maria Francis from Brampton, ON, Canada; and the third place winner, Judy Thomas from Brecksville, OH, received $1,000 for her hard work.

“This year, our Earn Your Stripes® contest entrants and finalists have proven that paint and painter’s tape are some of the most versatile – and affordable – tools for homeowners when transforming a space,” said Kristin Osinski, senior media manager, ShurTech Brands, LLC. “Even after five years, the creativity and level of craftsmanship in each room design continues to be extraordinary, and we love seeing how FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is used to turn homeowners’ DIY dreams into a reality.”

Colette added character to her kitchen with a cheerful faux herringbone tile backsplash and painted accessories. The $5,000 winning project cost Colette less than $40 to complete – all it took was two rolls of FrogTape® painter’s tape and paint samples from her local home improvement store. Additionally, she further enhanced her space by customizing clipboard frames with FrogTape® Shape Tape™painter’s tape in Chevron.

The second place project featured a geometric accent wall that elevated a bedroom from boring to bold. Elizabeth utilized FrogTape®painter’s tape to create a difficult pattern that called for crisp lines and clean edges; she then filled the shapes with various shades of purple, blue and yellow for a vibrant design.

An elegant dining room update won Judy third place recognition. She transformed the space from a dark, dreary room into a delightful dining space that’s perfect for entertaining. She utilized FrogTape® painter’s tape to create seamlessly painted stripes in a classic black and white design. Then, after achieving success with her walls, she mimicked the look by reviving an old buffet table with a complementary pattern.

“Since FrogTape® brand is the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology, homeowners were able to tackle challenging designs, without having to worry about hours of touch ups,” Osinski added. “PaintBlock® is a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to create a micro-barrier that prevents paint bleed. This is how FrogTape® delivered sharp lines and amazing results for all of the 2015 Earn Your Stripes® contest entrants.”

To enter the contest, DIYers from across the U.S. and Canada submitted before, during and after shots of their room transformations using FrogTape® painter’s tape. A panel of FrogTape® judges then picked the top five projects based on workmanship, originality and complexity. Once the finalists were chosen, the public was given the opportunity to vote for the top three winning projects. Each contestant who submitted an approved entry received a roll of FrogTape® Multi-Surface to help complete future painting projects and achieve professional-looking results.

FrogTape® painter’s tape products are ideal for basic applications such as taping around doors, windows and trim as well as the most intricate painted designs and projects. The FrogTape® family of products includes FrogTape® Multi-Surface, FrogTape® Delicate Surface, FrogTape® Shape Tape™ and Textured Surface.

To see the winning projects and a gallery of all Earn Your Stripes® contest entries submitted this year, visitwww.frogtape.com/earnyourstripes.


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